Géraldine Valluet


تستضيف شركة الاسطورة مصممة المجوهرات جيرالدين فاليوت لعرض مجموعتها الاخيره من المجوهرات وستكون موجوده الى يوم الخميس 2مايو  

شخصية جميلة قضت 20 سنه في مجال المجوهرات وعملت في كبرى دور الازياء وعروض الهوت كوتور مع ديور, سان لوران , كلوي وغيرهم

الى ان اطلقت علامتها وخطها الخاص بالمجوهرات عام 2012 واستقلت بنفسها

Géraldine graduated from the prestigious Parisian art school Studio Berçot. She began her career producing jewellery for the haute couture fashion shows of Dior, Chloé and Saint-Laurent. She has collaborated and created jewellery for several fashion houses: Martine Sitbon, Paul Smith, Nicole Farhi and Agnès B. Her work is from Baroque to minimalist, from fantasy to poetry and her amazingly rich and varied inspiration spreads across many collections and lines.

In 1992, paralleling fruitful collaborations in the world of fashion, Geraldine’s colorful universe gave birth to an unbounded jewellery line of her own. Her creations were applauded and very soon were appearing in beautiful boutiques such as L’éclaireur, Maria Luisa and Colette, as well as department stores, like Takashiyama, Bon Marché and Printemps. Within months she was internationally renowned.

In 2003, always a pioneer, she launches a precious jewellery line, using gold and silver, and many fine stones of different size and shapes.
She also opened her boutique in Montmartre, which serves as a workshop and a ‘laboratory’.After 9 years of developing her precious lines, she feels it is time to take another turn and launches her high-end fine jewellery line.

In 2012, Géraldine has launched her fine jewellery line continuing on her perpetual quest for new ways of expression and maximum creativity


مجموعتها التي تعرض حالياً في مجمع الثرية 

geraldinevalluet3وبما اني من عشاق الخواتم فأكثر شي بتشوفونه الخواتم 🙂

هالخاتم الحجر اللي داخله يعطي لونين بصلي وبنفسجي يشوق

وعلى فكره اغلب قطعها لهم اسامي واوصاف معينه 🙂

An ethereal architecture underlined by diamonds, sapphire and rubies clasps delicately the atypical stone of this jewel. The very distinctive cut of this gem makes it radiate as by magic


Plume d’ange
The lightness of a feather to bring about a rock’n’roll and ultra-feminine look : It seams having landed on the women’s body, as if flown by a breath of wind and bearing a veil of dew , it sparkles from a diamond rain. Then, inspired by the firmament of a summer night, it turns itself to be as mysterious as a celestial vault, spangled with black diamonds, sapphire and ruby.

وايد حبيت مجموعتها اللي على ريشه 


هالقطع في منها 3 الوان الذهب الابيض والاصفر والاسود

Iconic for the Fine Jewellery Collection Géraldine Valluet Infinity is a buckle with no end, like the infinity symbol. This symbolic link can be pure gold in its purity or enlighnened with diamonds : on top matching with the gold and on the side” contrasting, so the 3 diamonds colors are crossing each other to give a certain perspective.


Amidst past and future, legend and technology, this design offers a contemporary vision of jewelry, combining strength, delicacy and uncluttered lines. Like an invitation to the dream, a stone mysteriously floats on a throne of sculpted lace with an extreme refinement, enhanced by diamond splits.


This emblematic best seller of the brand, created in the 90’s, inspires today this line celebrating the twenty years of Geraldine Valluet’s ongoing inspiration. Stones as lazing Topazes, firing Opals or deeply Amethysts dress of mystery in a delicate gold lacing, They shine forth with discretion and refinement, supported by a string of gold beads.


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