FENDI celebrates ‘love’ with a new video on the playful and cool Capsule Collection created in red and pink symbolic for the lovers’ day.

The collection is inspired by the heart, and by the iconic Bag Bugs featuring precious materials. Everything is in an adorable mini and micro size!

 Graphic pieces include: a red and pink leather mini By the Way; a mini Backpack in the shades of red; and a precious fox mohawk crest in red and black. the red micro Baguette. A unique touch is given to the red micro Baguette with shaved mink, crystal eyes and fox detail.

FENDI welcomes to this family: the heart furry charm with silver fox inlays in tones of red and pink; a sophisticated red Peekaboo Bag with heart shaped crystal eyes continues the iconic flow; a tube bag in leather with crystal eyes and a fox; and mink Bag Bugs with crystal eyes complete the line.

This special capsule will be available in FENDI boutiques worldwide starting from beginning of February 2015. Discover more on fendi.com .

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حلو الكولكشن حبيت المايكرو باقيت وباي
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