1. المدوّن says:

    مشكورة على الصُور
    انا من زمان ما رحت السالميه :(
    عسى الله يطول بعمره ابونا صباح
    المحلات اللي فيه فتحت ولا لأ؟ مثل بلانيت هولييوود ؟
    مدونه حلوه وايد اول مره ازورها

    • PinkGirl
      PinkGirl says:

      العفو اخوي .. آمين
      المحلات ماعتقد فتحوا ولا بلانيت هوليوود بس مطعم نارنج :)
      والف حياك الله لا تقاطع البلوق

  2. Abdul Latif says:

    I did this grphic for The Amir banner.also there is another
    one beside too which is done later.
    Go to Salmiya and visit Naranj restaurant, its really a nice place for all breakfast , lunch and dinner. and very tasty food.
    It’s a Syrian restaurant with all Syrian staff,
    if you like the images inside the restaurant which is talk about Syrian history, I have did the graphic and the printing with production.
    Enjoy and have fun.

    thank you for your nice web site.

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